Day 12: Northolt to West Ruislip

Lines: Central / Stations: Northolt – South Ruislip – Ruislip Gardens – West Ruislip / Time: 1h 24m / Distance: 4.58 miles

Rainbow at Northolt
Today’s walk starts with a revisit to 103. Northolt

Picking up where I left off last time, and finishing off the Central Line, today takes me from Northolt to West Ruislip. A few weeks have passed since the last walk, summer is a busy time.

Looking downhill
It’s all downhill from here…
A plane flying above a railway bridge
A plain grey plane coming in to land at RAF Northolt, above the Chiltern railway
Hillingdon sign
Entering Hillingdon
South Ruislip sign
And within Hillingdon is South Ruislip
Lorry full of Pepsi
Must be a Pepsi distribution centre, that’s a lot of Pepsi
Building with a lighthouse
A self storage company with a lighthouse attached for some reason
2017-08-01 (11)
South Ruislip station
Rainbow at South Ruislip
104. South Ruislip (approx 2 miles)

The sun came out for the brief moment I was taking the photo, didn’t it. The unimpressed look on my face is because just before I got to the station I had to stop walking and wait for a minute while a group of angry men had a fight in the street.

RAF Northolt
RAF Northolt
Ruislip Gardens station
Ruislip Gardens station
Rainbow at Ruislip Gardens
105. Ruislip Gardens (approx 2.9 miles)

Ruislip Gardens is not a very gardeny area.

Road entrance to Ruislip depot
Road entrance to Ruislip depot
West End Parade, Ruislip
West End Parade looks old but probably isn’t very interesting
The Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines
Crossing over the Picc/Met lines with Ruislip station nearby
2017-08-01 (20)
West Ruislip National Rail sign
West Ruislip station
West Ruislip station
Rainbow at West Ruislip
106. West Ruislip station (4.58 miles)

Quite a short one today, 4.58 miles in 1 hour 24 minutes. The total distance covered now stands at 107.41 miles. The Central Line is finished! Next time I’ll tick another entire line off – the Waterloo and City, when I walk from Bank to Waterloo, then I’ll get started on the Northern.

Rainbow at West Ruislip
Bye, Central Line!

Day 11: North Acton to Northolt

Lines: Central / Stations: North Acton – Hanger Lane – Perivale – Greenford – Northolt / Time: 2h 7m / Distance: 6.81 miles

Rainbow at North Acton
Beginning today’s adventure at North Acton, a revisit to station 62.

The plan was to finish the Central Line and walk from North Acton to West Ruislip. I wasn’t going to do it today though, but I had a spare few hours so thought I’d throw a walk in. I didn’t have enough time to go all the way so I ducked out at Northolt, and I’ll finish it off soon, probably tomorrow.

Rainbow at North Acton
Ready to go

I had a nice chat with a chap on the platform about the excellent All The Stations videos. I don’t know if he watches these but he struck up the conversation, so maybe?

The railway
Western Avenue
A hot and heavily polluted main road makes up the first few miles today
Park Royal station
A quick nod to Park Royal, not counted today but I’ll be back when I do the Piccadilly Line.
Subway to Hanger Lane
Hanger Lane station is down the hole but it has a surface building
Hanger Lane station building
Rainbow at Hanger Lane
100. Hanger Lane (approx 1.7 miles)
A Self Storage building with a fighter plane on the roof
Nothing says Self Storage like a fighter plane on top of a building
River Brent
Some fancy art deco buildings
View from a footbridge, with Wembley Stadium looming in the distance
Perivale station
Rainbow at Perivale
101. Perivale (approx 3.4 miles)
A green field in Perivale
A nice green field, to contrast with the horrible main road
Ealing parks sign
You’re welcome
GWR train on a bridge
A GWR train passing across
Uneeda Drive sign
Hey local road, what do you think about me walking between all the Tube stations?
Greenford station
Greenford station
Rainbow at Greenford
102. Greenford (approx 4.8 miles)
A canal
A canal
A Central Line train pulling in to Northolt
A Central Line train pulling in to Northolt, and you can see the little-used single NR track too
Northolt station
Rainbow at Northolt
103. Northolt (6.81 miles)

Which concludes today’s walk at 6.81 miles in 2 hours 7 minutes, and brings the total mileage up to 102.83. Because I’ve split today I now have to rewrite my entire plan because numbers have changed and stuff, I might split a couple more of the longest ones too. I’ll be back very soon with the Ruislip corner to finally finish the Central Line!

Rainbow at Northolt
See you tomorrow, Northolt!


Day 10: Hainault to Leytonstone

Lines: Central / Stations: Hainault – Fairlop – Barkingside – Gants Hill – Redbridge – Wanstead – Leytonstone / Time: 2h 22m / Distance: 7.6 miles

Rainbow at Hainault
Back at Hainault (89) for today’s adventure

How many tube stations have non-roundel identifiers on the platforms? I know a lot in central London do along the top but it’s rarer to see the ones like this, at this height.

Today’s walk takes us from Hainault round the loop to Leytonstone, a while ago I came round the other way via Woodford, this time I’m going back via Newbury Park.

A couple of carriages in Hainault depot
Footpath sign
Almost immediately as the walk begins, I find myself off-road and in a park
Green space
It’s always nice to start with a green space, especially on a route that has a big main road later
An arch with a sign
Here in rural London, you have to be aware of stray golf balls
British Railways sign on a wall
This was on the front wall of a residential house, I thought it was pretty cool
Fairlop station
Rainbow at Fairlop
94. Fairlop (approx 1.2 miles)

I got a strange look from the member of staff and the one person standing by a car outside the station for taking those two photos. I hope they read this one day. Hi.

A library near Fairlop
This is a library
Barkingside car park
Barkingside car park
Station car park sign
Old station car park sign. It’s odd seeing stations with public car parks when you’re used to central London where such luxuries are a distant dream
Barkingside station building
Barkingside has a lovely station building
Rainbow at Barkingside
95. Barkingside (approx 2.1 miles)
Newbury Park station
Newbury Park station

There was once a line that linked Newbury Park to Ilford and Seven Kings to the south, but it’s long gone now. The line curves round to Gants Hill, which is pretty much in line with Newbury Park, but with an east/west orientation rather than the north/south here, so there’s a kind of hook shaped section of track to bring it back round.

Newbury Park bus station
Award plaque
The enormous concrete arch structure won an award in 1951
Newbury Park station entrance
Rainbow at Newbury Park
96. Newbury Park (approx 3.3 miles)
War memorial near Newbury Park
Gants Hill entrance
Gants Hill has no surface building (apart from that sculpture thing)
Subways at Gants Hill
The station entrance is somewhere in this maze of tunnels
Gants Hill station entrance
Gants Hill station entrance
Rainbow at Gants Hill
97. Gants Hill (approx 4.4 miles)
The A12 near Gants Hill
Pretty much the whole rest of the way is straight along this main road
Redbridge station building
Redbridge has a surface building
Rainbow at Redbridge
98. Redbridge (approx 5.3 miles)
Underneath the North Circular
River Roding
The River Roding making another appearance
A12 tunnel sign
I’m prohibited traffic, so I don’t get to go into the A12 tunnel, which is probably a good thing
Wanstead station
Rainbow at Wanstead
99. Wanstead (approx 6.2 miles)
Post box and phone box at Wanstead
This scene outside Wanstead is like something from a mockup of what traditional Britain is supposed to be
A thing in Wanstead
A thing in Wanstead
Leytonstone station
For the third and final time in the Tube Walk series, Leytonstone
Rainbow at Leytonstone
81 (revisit). Leytonstone finishes today’s walk

This is where today’s journey ends at 7.6 miles and 2 hours 22 minutes. The overall total is now 96.02 miles and 99 stations visited, so next time when I walk from North Acton to West Ruislip I’ll break the 100 barrier on both counts. I’m considering which direction to do it, but I think I’ll go with that way, heading away from the centre rather than in.

Day 9: Epping to Buckhurst Hill

Lines: Central / Stations: Epping – Theydon Bois – Debden – Loughton – Buckhurst Hill / Time: 2h 43m / Distance: 8.54 miles

Rainbow at Epping
End of the line, start of the walk

Continuing with the Central Line, heading west from Epping down to Buckhurst Hill. Only a few stations today because out here in Zone 6 the stations are quite far apart.

The Ongar Line
Toward Ongar

The line used to continue down towards Ongar via North Weald and Blake Hall, but that line now only runs as a heritage service. There are rumours that they’re going to extend it back from North Weald to Epping so we may one day soon see steam trains here at Epping…

West from Epping station
Looking west from the footbridge
The Essex Way
I’m not walking that
Epping station building
Epping station building
Rainbow at Epping
90. Epping
A sign of things to come, undulating hills all the way
Pine cones
A footpath
Yes, that definitely looks walkable
A cornfield
The path led to a cornfield
Rainbow in a corn field
Yeah, I’m going to get lost aren’t I?
A pylon and a motorway
A pylon and a motorway
A slip road
This little slip road leads straight on to the M25
The M25
The M25
A signpost
A signpost, these are rare on public footpaths
The horses watched me intently when I was walking through their field
Almost back in civilisation
This was in fact not true and it was indeed ‘bollox’
A wooden plank creating a bridge
This was the access to the footpath
The Central Line
That’s the Central Line over there
The Bull pub
Pubs of Theydon Bois – after that footpath this was very inviting
Theydon Bois station
Rainbow at Theydon Bois
91. Theydon Bois (approx 2 miles)
Loughton sign
Onward through deep west Essex
East 15 acting school
East 15 acting school in its natural habitat
5 weeks, 9 years, what’s the difference

I got asked by one of the workers if I was a surveyor, with an air of suspicion. I’m not. I just like silly signs.

Debden station
Rainbow at Debden
92. Debden (approx 4.7 miles)

There’s not a lot between Debden and Loughton

Loughton station
Rainbow at Loughton
93. Loughton (approx 6.2 miles)
Great Eastern Path subway underneath the railway
Going down the Great Eastern Path
A garden full of ornaments
I love the quirkiness of this garden
Buckhurst Hill station
Rainbow at Buckhurst Hill
Back here at 86. Buckhurst Hill (8.54 miles)

So that ends today’s walk at 8.54 miles in 2 hours 43 minutes. Not bad, hot and sunny after initial clouds and it hit 26c which was a bit warm for walking around. The total walked now over the network is up to 88.42 miles.

Rainbow at Buckhurst Hill
86 (revisit). Buckhurst Hill

Next time I’ll be doing what I thought I was going to do this time, and carrying on with the loop from Hainault to Leytonstone via Newbury Park. I was considering that for this one but I’m glad I went for this section instead so I didn’t get caught up in the storm that hit just after I got on the train to head home!

Heavy rain at Stratford
Yeah, that’s not nice

And that platform has a roof, as well. Anyway, see you next time!


Day 8: Leytonstone to Hainault

Lines: Central / Stations: Leytonstone – Snaresbrook – South Woodford – Woodford – Roding Valley – Buckhurst Hill – Chigwell – Grange Hill – Hainault / Time: 3h 1m / Distance: 9.3 miles

A revisit to 81. Leytonstone to start today’s walk

Today I’m starting at Leytonstone and heading up the main Central Line route, then where it splits at Woodford I’m going round the loop to Hainault, but the walking route also passes Buckhurst Hill so I’m ticking that one off today too.

Leytonstone station
A sign for Woodford
Perhaps I’m walking along the quiet route.

I considered cycling the network rather than walking it, but I think walking was a better plan. It gives me time to look around and find things to take pictures of, and I can film and walk at the same time whereas if I was riding it might be a bit harder.

Leytonstone library
O'Neills pub in Leytonstone
Pubs of east London
A path under the A12
There’s a network of paths and tunnels to cross under the A12
Borough of Redbridge sign and column
Borough of Redbridge
View towards Snaresbrook station
Snaresbrook station is over there
A quiet road in Snaresbrook
Snaresbrook is pretty quiet
A well thing in Snaresbrook
Snaresbrook station building
Snaresbrook station building
Rainbow at Snaresbrook
82. Snaresbrook (approx 1.3 miles)
Small gateline at Snaresbrook leading straight to the platform
Small gateline at Snaresbrook leading straight to the platform
A close view of a passing Central Line train
There’s a footbridge next to the railway so you can get quite close
Alexandra Road sign
This road has witches, or something
South Woodford station
South Woodford station
Rainbow at South Woodford
83. South Woodford (approx 2.4 miles)
A subway under the North Circular
View downhill near Woodford
I’m up a hill
Woodford station
Woodford station
The main Woodford station building
Rainbow at Woodford
84. Woodford (approx 3.7 miles)

Here’s where the line splits (on the Tube map at least – the actual split is right by Roding Valley station).

Buckhurst Hill sign
I don’t think we’re in London any more
View of the points near Roding Valley and Woodford
Crossing over the line towards Buckhurst Hill, looking back towards Woodford. The loop tracks towards Roding Valley are on the left.
Roding Valley station
Rainbow at Roding Valley
85. Roding Valley (approx 4.6 miles)

Roding Valley is the least used station on the Tube network, with just over 700 passengers per day. It also doesn’t have a gateline, so I popped on to the platform to get that photo.

A Vote Green sign in Roding Valley
Sage advice in Roding Valley
Buckhurst Hill station building
Rainbow at Buckhurst Hill
86. Buckhurst Hill (approx 5.4 miles)
A park in Buckhurst Hill
A park that I’m not going in
A road between Buckhurst Hill and Chigwell
This road was quite busy and unpleasant
River Roding
River Roding, which I crossed near East Ham on Day 2. It’s a bit thinner here.
Chigwell sign
The M11
View towards central London
Central London is over there somewhere
Chigwell station
Rainbow at Chigwell
87. Chigwell (approx 7.1 miles)
View of Chigwell station from the bridge on the way to Grange Hill
View of Chigwell station from the bridge on the way to Grange Hill
Looking downhill
The whole route has been uphill somehow. I’m sure the air had started to thin by this point
Grange Hill station
Rainbow at Grange Hill
88. Grange Hill (approx 8.2 miles)
A cat
I met a cat
Hainault depot entrance
Hainault depot – interesting point to note is the trackside cabling comes across and runs along the road here towards the depot tracks
Hainault station
Rainbow at Hainault
89. Hainault (9.3 miles)
Rainbow at Hainault
And just for good measure, a selfie from the platform too

Which brings today’s walk to an end, at 9.3 miles and 3 hours 1 minute. The overall total distance is now 79.88 miles. Next time I’ll be continuing with the Central Line loop, from Hainault back down to Leytonstone via Newbury Park.

Day 7: Marble Arch to Leytonstone

Lines: Central / Stations: Marble Arch – Bond Street – Oxford Circus – Tottenham Court Road – Holborn – Chancery Lane – St. Paul’s – Bank – Liverpool Street – Bethnal Green – Mile End – Stratford – Leyton – Leytonstone / Time: 3h 41m / Distance: 12.07 miles

Marble Arch roundel
All the platform roundels at Marble Arch have their own artwork surrounds

Today’s route is almost a completely straight line along the Central Line, starting here in the West End and heading east. Google Maps had it at 10.8 miles and it turned out to be 12.07 so as always the distances posted for each station are approximate.

Rainbow at Marble Arch
69 (revisit). Marble Arch
Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of my least favourite places in London. It’s just too busy. Today was a quiet time and around the Oxford Circus area it was still insufferable. And there was a man playing bagpipes, just to add to the unpleasant atmosphere…

A bagpiper on Oxford Street
There’s never an excuse for this
Bond Street shopping centre entrance
Bond Street’s pretend entrance
Construction hoardings at Bond Street
Bond Street has a lot of construction going on with Crossrail (or the Elizabeth Line) arriving soon
Bond Street station entrance
The actual Bond Street station entrance
Rainbow at Bond Street
70. Bond Street (approx 0.4 miles)
Oxford Street
Oxford Street, busier the closer to Oxford Circus you get
Oxford Circus
Oxford Circus station entrance
Oxford Circus station with its fancy signs that don’t photograph well
Rainbow at Oxford Circus
71. Oxford Circus (approx 0.7 miles)
Original Oxford Circus station building
The original Oxford Circus station building, still occupied by LU in part
Another fancy building on Oxford Street
Oxford Street Plaza building
The Plaza, unfortunately no longer with us. It had a cool food court that was almost always empty (which is probably why it’s closed down)
Construction around Tottenham Court Road
Tottenham Court Road station upgrade project office
Still loads of work to be done here
Tottenham Court Road station
Tottenham Court Road station
Rainbow at Tottenham Court Road
72. Tottenham Court Road (approx 1.2 miles)
New glass entrance buildings at Tottenham Court Road
New glass entrance buildings at TCR
Dominion Theatre
Dominion Theatre looked better when there was an enormous Freddie Mercury on the front
Jas Smith & Sons Umbrella Shop
For all your umbrella needs
Rough location of British Museum station
The rough location of British Museum station, closed in 1933. No surface buildings remain.
Holborn Town Hall
Holborn Town Hall
Holborn Station
Holborn Station
Rainbow at Holborn
73. Holborn (approx 1.6 miles)
A tiny can of Coke Zero
There was a free Coke Zero promotion at Holborn
Chancery Lane station
Chancery Lane station
Rainbow at Chancery Lane
74. Chancery Lane (approx 2 miles)
Grand building near Chancery Lane
A building near Chancery Lane, I think it’s the HQ of English Heritage
Holborn Viaduct
Holborn Viaduct
Knight and dragon sculpture on Holborn Viaduct
A knight and a dragon share a moment above what was once the Fleet River
City Thameslink station
A quick wave to City Thameslink
Site of Newgate plaque
Site of Newgate at the Old Bailey
Plaques on the side of a building in the City of London
This is the oldest part of London so there are loads of these plaques, this building was a monastery and later a hospital
A vent and emergency exit from St Paul’s station
St. Paul’s station
Rainbow at St. Paul's
75. St. Paul’s (approx 2.7 miles)
St Paul's cathedral dome above the trees
This route doesn’t actually go to the cathedral but it’s over there
A City of London historical plaque
Another plaque
Bank station entrance
One of Bank station’s million entrances
Rainbow at Bank
76. Bank (approx 3.1 miles)
Royal Exchange
City buildings
City buildings
Sculpture of a large wing
A wing, for some reason
Heron Tower
Heron Tower
Liverpool Street station
Rainbow at Liverpool Street
77. Liverpool Street (approx 3.5 miles)
Liverpool Street National Rail station
Liverpool Street National Rail station
Liverpool Street station concourse
Liverpool Street NR station concourse (and another entrance to the Underground)
Liverpool Street NR and Overground platforms
Liverpool Street NR and Overground platforms
Back of Liverpool Street station
The back of Liverpool Street, an open square where not many people seem to go
A fountain
A sculpture
A sculpture
Street art of a tiger in Shoreditch
A tiger
Site of Shoreditch station
Overground bridge in Shoreditch
Overground bridge in Shoreditch
Shoreditch High Street Overground station
A quick nod to Shoreditch High Street
Graffiti in Shoreditch
Shoreditch is very colourful
Brick Lane
Graffiti in Shoreditch
Important message from a Shoreditch rooftop
Art deco building in the middle of plain buildings
This art deco building looked a little out of place
The Star of Bethnal Green pub
The Star of Bethnal Green (pubs of East London (a callback))
Overground and Great Anglia lines at Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green station
Rainbow at Bethnal Green
78. Bethnal Green (approx 5.1 miles)
Bethnal Green disaster memorial
Bethnal Green is the site of the biggest tragedy the Tube network has ever seen, a huge crush during World War 2 when it was being used as a shelter. A memorial is being built here through public donations
London Buddhist Centre
The Black Horse closed down pub
Pubs of East London, this was one once
Regent's Canal
Regent’s Canal
Sign advertising a funfair
Another fair I’m a week early for
Mile End Park
A blue plaque on the side of a railway bridge
This is probably quite significant
Mile End station
It’s Mile End again
Rainbow at Mile End
16 (revisit). Mile End (approx 6.3 miles)
Bow Road station
A quick tip of the hat to Bow Road
Bow Church DLR station
A quick smile of acknowledgement to Bow Church DLR
Bow Church
Bow Flyover
Bow Flyover
Bow sculpture
Could they only afford two plinths?
View towards the London Stadium, Acelor-Mittal Orbital and a load of tower blocks under construction
View towards the London Stadium, Acelor-Mittal Orbital and a load of tower blocks under construction
A metal sculpture in Stratford
A thing in Stratford
A River
Greenway, currently closed
Light orbs in Stratford High Street
Light orbs in Stratford High Street
Stratford High Street DLR station
A dismissive flick of the hand to Stratford High Street DLR
Stratford Jubilee and DLR low-level platforms
Stratford Jubilee and DLR low-level platforms
One of a few Meridian Line markers in the area
One of a few Meridian Line markers in the area
A sculpture made of railway rails
Tall tower blocks in Stratford
Stratford is fast filling up with these tall towers
Robert the Train at Stratford station
Robert the Train at Stratford station
Stratford station
Rainbow at Stratford
79. Stratford (approx 8.3 miles)
Stratford station
Stratford station
Stratford Centre
Theatre Royal, Stratford
Theatre Royal, Stratford
A Greater Anglia 321 approaching Stratford
A Greater Anglia 321 approaching Stratford
Pretty much the entire area is building sites
Pretty much the entire area is building sites
The Eagle pub
Pubs of East London, The Eagle
A sign in Leyton
Why thank you, Leyton
Leyton station
Rainbow at Leyton
80. Leyton (approx 9.6 miles but it was more than that, as always)
Looking back into central London
Looking back into central London
Colourful buildings in Leyton
Colourful buildings in Leyton
The A12
Overground bridge near Leytonstone
Up there is the Overground track from Barking to Gospel Oak, framework for electrification has been put in but no cables yet
Footbridge across the A12 and Central Line
Looking towards Leytonstone station
A road in Leytonstone
This bit of Leytonstone felt European, just the style of the road and stuff
Leytonstone Station
Leytonstone Station
Rainbow at Leytonstone
81. Leytonstone (12.07 miles)

The total distance came in at 12.07 miles, so that brings the total for all the tube walks so far to 70.58 miles over 7 days. It was planned with an average of 10 miles per walk so it’s doing quite well to stick to that so far! Next time I’ll keep going with the Central Line, from Leytonstone up the main section and round to Hainault via Woodford (and Buckhurst Hill because it’s on the way).

Day 6: Chiswick Park to Marble Arch

Lines: District, Piccadilly, Central / Stations: Chiswick Park – Acton Town – Ealing Common – Ealing Broadway – West Acton – North Acton – East Acton – White City – Shepherd’s Bush – Holland Park – Notting Hill Gate – Queensway – Lancaster Gate – Marble Arch / Time: 3h 22m / Distance: 11.56 miles

Chiswick Park station
Today’s route begins here

Starting at station 54, Chiswick Park, finishing off the District Line with a short stroll to Ealing Broadway where I’ll head back east along the Central Line, finishing in central London at Marble Arch.

Piccadilly 1973 Stock at Chiswick Park
Piccadilly 1973 Stock at Chiswick Park

And the route also includes a short section of the Piccadilly Line, from Chiswick Park to Ealing Common.

Rainbow at Chiswick Park
54 (revisit). Chiswick Park. Let’s go.
Level crossing
There are two level crossings to go over here, this one is the Overground track that heads down towards Richmond
Level crossing
The second level crossing is a link from the Overground line to the South West Trains Hounslow loop
Entrance to Acton Works
This area is full of LU and TubeLines buildings
Acton Town station building
Acton Town has a personalised roundel on the exterior, this is quite rare, the only other station so far with this is Mile End
Rainbow at Acton Town
58. Acton Town (approx 0.9 miles)
Ealing Common Depot and the Acton Transport Museum
Ealing Common Depot and the Acton Transport Museum
Old road sign for Whitehall Gardens with 'Council of Acton' on
I liked this old ‘Council of Acton’ road sign
Nandos and Ealing Common station
The UK’s first ever Nando’s, and Ealing Common Station
Rainbow at Ealing Common
59. Ealing Common (approx 1.7 miles)

There’s a funfair on at Ealing Common, but not until next week. I’m a few days early. Probably for the best though, I’d have detoured and gone on some rides…

A funfair building up on Ealing Common
Ealing Common complete with funfair
A mile marker on Ealing Common
A mile marker on Ealing Common
Ealing Broadway construction hoarding
Ealing Broadway station is a construction site whilst it undergoes redevelopment for Crossrail
Ealing Broadway station entrance
Rainbow at Ealing Broadway
60. Ealing Broadway (approx 2.4 miles)

That completes the District Line. With 60 stations, it has more than any other line, and I’ve now walked to them all. Next up, the Central Line – the longest end-to-end from West Ruislip to Epping, but I’m not doing all of that in one go!

North Ealing station
Quick nod to North Ealing, but we’re only passing today
West Acton station
Rainbow at West Acton
61. West Acton (approx 3.5 miles)

There are seven stations with Acton in the name. Acton Town, West Acton, North Acton and East Acton are the Underground ones, and I’m ticking them all off today. South Acton and Acton Central are on the Overground, and Acton Main Line is here somewhere too.

Alleyway leading to North Acton station
North Acton is down this seedy alleyway
North Acton station building
North Acton station building
Rainbow at North Acton
62. North Acton (approx 4.6 miles)
Western Avenue
This route has a section along this busy trunk road, which is bad enough, but it’s also uphill
Down the hill towards central London
But what goes up, as they say, turns into a nice downhill bit
East Acton station building
East Acton station building
Rainbow at East Acton
63. East Acton (approx 5.9 miles)
White City station
White City station
Rainbow at White City
64. White City (approx 7.2 miles)

This area has a rich broadcasting history, especially in television. BBC White City is just up the road and opposite here is where Television Centre was. TV Centre was considered the home of British television, and lots of major TV moments took place in this building.

BBC Worldwide
Small remnant of the BBC presence in the area
Construction on Television Centre
Television Centre is being redeveloped into a new multi-purpose estate
Television Centre reconstruction
Television Centre
Wood Lane station
Wood Lane station, another bonus station not being counted today
Westfield London
The route goes straight through Westfield, which is convenient because there are free public lavatories in there
Shepherd’s Bush station
Rainbow at Shepherd's Bush
65. Shepherd’s Bush (approx 7.9 miles)
Shepherd's Bush Overground
Shepherd’s Bush Overground
Holland Park Station
Rainbow at Holland Park
66. Holland Park (approx 8.5 miles)
Statue of St Volodymyr
St Volodymyr, Voldymir, Voldemir, Voldemort
Holland Park Avenue
Once it gets under the ground the Central Line runs along the route of this road, so it’s a straight line to the end from here
Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill Gate station entrance
Rainbow at Notting Hill Gate
36 (revisit). Notting Hill Gate (approx 8.9 miles)

I should explain in case it’s not clear how this works, as this is the first time this has happened. Where lines connect, in this case the Central meets the District and Circle, the first time I visit the station is counted as a unique number. Subsequent visits as part of other lines don’t get their own number but still count towards the daily total and the line being walked.

The top corner of Hyde Park
Queensway Station
Rainbow at Queensway
67. Queensway (approx 9.3 miles)
Lancaster Gate station
Lancaster Gate station is currently closed for a long-term refurbishment programme
Rainbow at Lancaster Gate
68. Lancaster Gate (approx 9.8 miles)
A stumpy tree
Trees in Hyde Park
Hyde Park is quite picturesque, it would have been nice to walk through it
Fountain in Hyde Park
A large horse head
A large horse head
Marble Arch
Marble Arch station
Marble Arch station
Rainbow at Marble Arch
69. Marble Arch

That seems as good a place as any to end the day’s adventure. I felt alright at the end of it and could probably have gone a bit further. I think the cooler weather helped, it was allegedly only about 11c but it felt slightly warmer, certainly not too hot though. There wasn’t much in Zone 1 so the central London air didn’t really affect me, next time I’ll be carrying on this eastbound Central Line main section from Marble Arch up to Leytonstone so there’s a lot more Zone 1, we’ll see how that goes in a few days.

Today’s walk comes in at 11.56 miles, which brings the overall total to 58.51 miles.